AI and Machine Learning Use Cases in 2021

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AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning Use Cases in 2021

Artificial intelligences, especially in recent years and after the COVID-19 pandemic, are changing the way we see things. In particular, they are increasingly used in business and in most technological devices.

Among them, there are products such as HoloLens, marketing companies that increase sales thanks to AI, and vehicles that, exploiting AI and machine learning, are able to drive themselves, such as Teslas.

AI in marketing

Nowadays, more than 80% of modern companies use AI to increase their results, especially in the field of marketing. In this way, in fact, teams are able to implement more and more targeted strategies by significantly increasing their sales.

For example, you can capture important information about your customers such as their daily habits, the devices they use the most, the number of products or services they purchase in a given period of time, and much more.

Even, there are tools based on AI and machine learning that, by learning from mistakes and various advertising campaigns, are able to suggest effective strategies to turn around results and increase sales.

Specifically, analytics, personalized marketing and context-aware marketing tools are used for three main reasons:

AI in high-tech products

AIs are also being incorporated into certain products that rely on cutting-edge technology. Just think of tools like HoloLens 2 or, if we want to move to the automotive sector, vehicles like Tesla.

The HoloLens, for example, use AI and special built-in sensors to recognize user gestures and control various options within the interface.

On the other hand, vehicles like those produced by Tesla represent a real concentration of high technology and artificial intelligence. These, in fact, are included in autopilot systems that, unlike others, are remarkably efficient.

The AIs are able to accurately analyze data and best predict not only the needs of the driver, but also the obstacles around the vehicle. The learning of the car, in this case, is fully automatic, as machine learning systems are also involved.

Chips that will allow Teslas to move dexterously even on highways are also being developed. Specifically, the goal is to set up 2 separate chips that will independently analyze traffic and obstacles.

Once the analysis is done, the results will be compared and the vehicle will decide what to do, based on the level of ambiguity between the two.

AI in investments and blockchain

In the blockchain arena, AI is also being used. This happens, in particular, in the DeFi industry, more specifically within AMMs (Automated Market Makers).

These protocols, through the use of these innovative systems, manage to automatically invest the money deposited, analyzing all the services in circulation and choosing the best ones.

The choices are mainly based on the percentage of return of each service, such as lending, staking or liquidity mining. They also greatly speed up transactions and decrease the number of commissions paid.

In fact, if you were to do it manually, not only would the process become cumbersome and unintuitive, but you would risk making mistakes and performing far more transactions.


As you can easily guess, AI is the future. We already talked about it in other articles noting how they are changing the way we do business.

There are even events dedicated exclusively to AI. Among them, we can definitely mention AI Everything, an event that will be held between October 17 and 21, 2021 in Dubai.

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