Dubai Smart City Expo 2021

A Landmark for Technology and Innovation

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Dubai has plenty of projects to show off to the world, such as the Dubai Sustainable City and the Smart Dubai Project. However, one of the most important upcoming events this year is the Dubai Smart City Expo. This combines the power of the conference with a well-detailed exhibition plan to show people the full potential of the smart cities that will represent the future.

What does the Smart City Expo of Dubai involve?

In a nutshell, this major international event is designed to show the world how smart cities can help change society for the better. Indeed, it not only shows new technologies and new urban planning projects, but also how to take advantage of renewable energy to safeguard the health of our planet.

All countries are invited to attend, and special guests from all over the world can be listened to. During the event, leading figures from the public sector and urban administrators will have the opportunity to use a platform to offer and promote their services for the development of Smart Cities.

In particular, Smart Buildings, Smart Health, Smart Energy, Smart Mobility and Public Safety will be discussed.

What will be the main topics of the event?

Some of the main topics of the event will include the following:

These will be followed and illustrated by keynote speakers from all around the world, who will show participants the key points of each topic.

During the first session of the first day, Renato de Castro, International Advisor for The World E-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments, will speak about the emerging trends in the world after COVID-19.

This will be followed by Marouan Aouri, Digital Transformation Director and Chief Architect, who will talk about connected vehicles, autonomous drones, and smart cities. Then there will be Dr. David Soldani, CTO of HUAWEI and Chairman of IMDA 5G, who will talk about connectivity for a better future.

These are just some of the personalities that will take part in the event. To get an idea of all the participating speakers, you can visit this page, while for the full program you can have a look here.

The event will be held from approximately 9 AM to 5 PM on October 4 and 5, and can also be viewed online. Those who want to see it in presence will have to reach the DIFC Atrium Dubai in the UAE, and will have to pay attention to the anti-COVID rules.

In fact, the Smart Cities Expo is called hybrid as it allows anyone to participate regardless of their country’s restrictions.

To understand the relevance of the summit, check out these highlights from previous Expos.


Dubai and the UAE never cease to showcase innovation, new technologies and new projects to improve society and keep the planet healthy.

Projects like this are increasingly helping to raise the quality of life by adopting innovative and smart solutions for the entire community.

What will be the UAE’s next project?

In the meantime, don’t miss the Smart Cities Expo coming up in a few weeks!

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