Cryptocurrency Localization (aka translation) Strategy

Why you should use have localization strategy for crypto and blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain represent one of the fastest-growing industries of the last decades. Thanks to their advanced technologies and the countless valuable projects that have sprung up over time, this industry has reached a market capitalization of over $1,900,000,000.

All of this has made the crypto and blockchain world very appealing to new entrepreneurs and those who want to position themselves within an emerging market. To do so, however, you need to have a thorough understanding of best practices for crypto localization, an effective strategy that not everyone knows.

What is crypto localization?

As with audio localization and video localization strategies, crypto localization enables a company to reach its crypto community based on its culture. In fact, not everyone knows that by approaching users according to their customs and traditions, the results can be truly remarkable.

It wouldn’t be very useful to write a whitepaper in English if your target audience is only Italian or Spanish. This is because the average user in those areas, who is not fluent in English, might get confused by most technical terms.

Furthermore, language barriers are perhaps one of the main reasons why many users have not yet approached this revolutionary industry.

Why translate your own crypto content?

Translating your whitepaper, your dApp or your decentralized wallet is definitely a plus for your project. On one hand, the development team can better communicate with the users, who will feel like an essential part of the project.

On the other hand, the users themselves will enjoy a better experience and might recommend your platform to friends as the only understandable one among a plethora of latest generation apps that are not so user-friendly.

Then again, most newbie investors want to know:

As a concrete example, leading platforms such as Binance, one of the largest centralized exchanges in the world, deliver their content in all available languages. It is no coincidence that the platform is recognized worldwide and used by millions and millions of users from all countries.


It’s not hard to see that the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain represents one of the biggest areas of interest not only for the average user who wants to try and generate extra income but also for the best investors out there and the world’s biggest banks and institutions.

Companies like Facebook, for example, have invested huge amounts of money in blockchain technology, and in the metaverse in particular.

So, if you have a blockchain project in mind but don’t know how to optimize its content to reach your target audience, implementing a crypto localization strategy could definitely give you a hand.

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