Interpreting for All New BMW 5 Series Product Launch Training

On February 20th, 2017, BMW Middle East used our simultaneous interpreting services to host a product launch training for their all-new BMW 5 Series. The training was held at the Dubai Autodrome in Motor City, Dubai and featured speeches, presentations, interactive activities and test-drives. Over seventy BMW importer market branch ambassadors attended from Serbia, Algeria, Morocco, Ukraine, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series combines aesthetic athleticism and a pleasurable driving experience with state-of-the-art technology. The all-new series is considered BMW’s most important launch of 2017.

The EMEA market was critical to the launch of the BMW 5 series, thus the training of BMW’s regional ambassadors was vital for their success. To help BMW achieve this success, we provided two simultaneous interpreters. One of our interpreters translated the speeches, presentations and activities from English into Russian, while our other interpreter translated from English into French. We also outfitted BMW’s training session with our full conference equipment, including our soundproof booth, microphone, and infrared earphones. We selected our interpreters for this event due to their previous experience with and technical knowledge of the auto-industry. This knowledge allowed for a smooth and seamless live translation. Our skilled interpreters not only communicated the desired message, but transmitted the excitement and emotion behind the new product launch as well. We also sent one of our technicians to oversee the interpretation of the product launch training and ensure no technical issues occurred.

Product launch trainings are extremely important events for companies to hold. At LangPros, we know it is vital to properly introduce new products to employees and to ensure every detail and emotion about the product is accurately communicated. This is why we are so honored to have helped BMW Middle East introduce the new BMW 5 Series cars to their EMEA regional ambassadors.

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