How to Choose the Right Language Service Provider

How to choose the right LSP

Why You Need an LSP

Whether you are a young start-up or an established business, thriving in today’s global market requires to invest significant amounts of resources in multilingual marketing campaigns, as well as the localization of products, services, instruction leaflets, and more.

Most businesses do not have an in-house translation department, and they outsource their language needs to freelancers or translation agencies. However, since the translated material will carry your brand across cultures and into new markets, choosing the right LSP is crucial to maximize the return on investment and increase market share.

Assess What You Need

Choosing the right language services provider may prove quite challenging, as the offer is huge, rates, tools, and specializations vary significantly, offers and services may be difficult to understand…So to find your way in the language services jungle, you should, first of all, keep in mind:

– the type of services you need (or might need in the future)

– the language combinations you work with

– the type of specialized texts translators will have to handle.

Even if you need language services for a single project, you should focus on finding trusted LSPs which might be able to provide what you need even for future tasks.

This will save you a lot of time when the next language requirement comes across, as you won’t have to go through the process of searching, screening and selecting another freelance translator to be hired for the new task and it will also give consistency to the translation (no need to discuss and explain over and over again the purpose of it, your focus and the main aspects of your business or the style you prefer to be used for the translation, etc).

What to Look for

Reliable LSPs have a well-established network of clients, and usually, part of larger international networks such as GALA (Globalization and Localization Association)  and ATA (American Translators Association) or are licensed by public offices and institutions such as Ministries and Embassies. Moreover, do not hesitate to do research on previous clients’ feedback!

Every good translation agency should offer reliable and easy to reach customer care and live support during each phase of the translating project. Project managers at Langpros constantly liaise with clients and translators to make sure nothing is left to chance and on going changes or updates are communicated efficiently so that the final result is tailored for the customer’s needs.

Translators and interpreters give the first impression of your brand and business to foreign customers. This is why you should rely only on experienced professionals that specialize in your field of interest.

LSPs can generally guarantee higher quality since the translators operating in their network are always tested beforehand, and project managers can choose the best translator for any particular task/specialization. Clients can ask LSPs about their recruitment process in order to know more about the translators they work with. 

Establishing a long-term collaboration with a language service provider not only increases the consistency of translated material and speeds up turnaround times but also gives your business leverage to obtain better rates in exchange for a steady flow of language tasks. 

In the past few years, the language industry has known a significant growth thanks to the implementation of new technologies such as machine translation post-editing and video remote interpreting. 

Make sure your service provider always keeps up with the latest innovations in the field. 

Langpros Language Services

Langpros is a Dubai-based language service provider offering a vast array of translation and interpreting services. Our agency specializes in many fields, such as legal, marketing and advertising, IT, medical, business, fashion, technical, etc…

We operate throughout the United Arab Emirates, the GCC, and beyond, and we rely on a network of over 2000 professional linguists working with the latest translation software in 100+ languages.


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