Voice Search Is Here and You’d Better Get Ready

Voice Search Localization

What is Voice Search

Services like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are becoming more and more popular among internet users, as they are available in a variety of devices such as smartphones, laptops, or dedicated hardware (ex. Amazon Echo or Google Home).

Voice search allows to rapidly search for information, music, videos, and much more on the Internet only using your voice.

This new technology is expected to overtake traditional online search by 2020, and this is why many businesses are investing on multilingual voice search SEO to stay competitive on the global market and rank higher on search engine queries.

Voice Search and SEO

In voice search, only the first results are displayed or read to the internet user: for example, by searching “what is translation”, the voice assistant will probably read an extract from the dictionary page that appears first.

This new kind of search heavily relies on full phrases rather than the traditional key words, as users are more likely to ask, “what is the nearest restaurant” rather than typing “close, restaurant”.

To perform well on Google and other search engines, copywriters and webmasters need to take into account the most searched full sentences for the domain they are working in, and then optimize the websites and social profiles with voice-search friendly content.

Localizing voice search 

Since the internet is becoming a more multilingual environment each year, and since, according to research made by Common Sense Advisory, more than 70% of internet users spend most of their time online on websites in their own language, global businesses and organizations are investing on the multilingual localization of their websites.

Voice-search friendly snippets (brief extracts that can be read from the google results page) play a key role in the success of websites, and this goes for every language in which the website is published

Translators working with SEO-friendly content have to face the issue of conveying the original message while adapting the new content with new SEO-oriented keywords in the target language.

Langpros works with the best multilingual copywriters and SEO experts to guarantee high-quality web copy to achieve the competitive edge on google and other search engines.


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