Relocation of Europeans. Last exit Dubai.

Why Dubai is becoming an hub for Europeans looking for a job

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Recently, so many Europeans have decided to move to Dubai that they are talking about European job mobility.

So many are not satisfied with the work/life balance in their home country, and knowing that Dubai has now become a hub for new businesses and people who want to put their skills to work, quite a few are trying to drop everything and move.

Then again, we are talking about a city with a pleasant climate almost all year round, a unique lifestyle and plenty of green areas, not to mention the very high level of innovation achieved. 

But what is the real reason why Europeans are massively moving to the UAE? Let’s look at it together.

Last exit Dubai?

As a result of the pandemic, so many have lost their jobs as companies try to get by through the small subsidies given by the government. Too bad, however, that countries have gone into heavy debt to try to help businesses, resulting in price increases in all sectors.

In contrast, the UAE has well thought out not to print money endlessly, and has not given waivers to those who have lost their jobs or had their salaries reduced. In this way, they did not go into debt and, now, are almost back to normal, experiencing a period that seems increasingly prosperous. 

It is no coincidence that so many jobs in Dubai for Europeans have sprung up, as well as new European companies in Dubai. If we wanted to list the main reasons for these transfers, we can say that:

All of this suggests the tremendous opportunities for Europeans in Dubai, both from a working and fiscal point of view. Add to this the strategic location of the city, making it a true multicultural and tourist centre. 

How to move to Dubai: what to check before leaving

European job mobility is continuously spreading, but you’ve to consider several important things before leaving your country.

First of all, even if job in Dubai for European is not hard to find, is better to have an offer of employment before leaving.

Remember to get a copy of your contract and find out if they will cover your health insurance. If not, take an international health insurance for you and your family, without forgetting to ensure if you’re eligible for UAE residency visa.

Then, make sure you find an affordable place to live and furnish your apartment (if not already furnished). Another important step is to get a tenancy agreement to have a proof of address. This will help you in opening a bank account and many other things.

Of course, you have to calculate your budget and, if you have children, find an international school for them. Moreover, it’s good to get a local SIM for your mobile phone and check all the COVID-19 actual laws in the country.

Last but not least, learning some basic Arabic could be very helpful in your new daily life.

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