Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

A brief overview of one of the most important programs in the world

Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

We have already seen ambitious projects such as the expo Dubai 2020 in the UAE area. Today, instead, we will talk about a project set up by Saudi Arabia.

Vision 2030 was mainly developed by the Council of Economic Affairs and Development, headed by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The goal is to “harness the strengths God has given us” by improving its positions related to investments and strategies in the Islamic world.

The goals are several, and each will be met through specific strategies that aim to improve the economy in the long term. Here, we will offer a general overview of what this ambitious program provides, focusing on the economic perspective.

Vision 2030 in brief

Vision 2030 is based upon 3 main pillars: a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation.

Vibrant society

To create a vibrant and happy society, the Council has to do 7 big steps, which are:

Ambitious nation

The nation will be committed to ensure extremely high standards. Thus, it will need to be able to manage finances efficiently, with utmost transparency and the best tracking services. In order to do so, Saudi Arabia will:

Thriving economy

When talking about a thriving economy, we refer to building an efficient educational system. This must necessarily be aligned with the constantly changing needs of the market.

Students must learn the jobs of the future, improving and sharpening their soft and hard skills, while developing an entrepreneurial mind that will give them access to small and large businesses.

Vision 2030 wants to achieve this by using Saudi Arabia’s location, increasing investments on education and on the nation itself.

All the potential lies in young people, the greatest resources of this country. So, the goal will be to build a rewarding system that will recognize the best based on their skills, creating unique job opportunities to “unlock their potential.”

So, business environment will be improved by remodelling cities and creating areas suitable for studying and improving skills. Moreover, Vision 2030 foresee to diversify Saudi Arabia investment in the best promising sectors to further increase its resources for the future.

All of this is summarized in:

If you want to know more about Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, you can read the full program here.

Otherwise, we invite you to use these useful links to official Saudi websites.

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