Langpros at the UAE National Media Council’s Seminar on Its New Influencer-Licensing Law

Langpros at the UAE National Media Council’s Seminar on Its New Influencer-Licensing Law

At the beginning of June, the UAE National Media Council’s new influencer-licensing law came into force. In order to shed light on this new law, the National Media Council organized an interactive Q&A session with UAE influencers on 28 June at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai.

The new law requires UAE influencers to obtain a license in order to run social media campaigns. It is possible to get either an individual license or a partnership license for small groups. Another possibility is to sign up to the sole official influencer agency certified by the UAE National Media Council (NMC), that is Motivate-Vamp.

Motivate-Vamp is a joint venture made up of Motivate Media Group, an organization that provides a wide range of platforms to advertisers in the GCC and MENA regions, and Vamp, a world leading influencer and content marketing platform created in Australia in 2015. Motivate-Vamp owns a license which covers all of its influencers, currently more than 400 in the UAE.

The purpose of the seminar was to highlight the NMC’s willingness to carefully regulate influencers’ behaviour and the use of social media to promote products and, most importantly, to explain the details of the new law in order to dispel any doubts that UAE influencers may have.

Langpros’ Key Role at the NMC’s Seminar on Its New Influencer-Licensing Law

Throughout the Q&A session we were responsible of Arabic-English simultaneous interpreting services. There was one simultaneous interpreter who has considerable experience of interpreting and possesses deep knowledge of the legal field.

Simultaneous interpreting is time-saving since, unlike consecutive interpreting, it does not force a speaker to stop in order to allow an interpreter to translate his or her speech into another language. This type of interpreting requires specific equipment, mainly booths and headsets. For the NMC’s seminar on its new influencer-licensing law, we were in charge of providing the whole equipment, namely a booth and headsets for 40 auditors, as well as professional assistance by one of our specialized technicians.

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