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Traditional Chinese Medicine Exchange Ceremony by DHCA

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On the 19th of May 2019, Dubai Healthcare City Authority organized the Dubai-Macao Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Exchange ceremony in partnership with Guangdong-Macau Traditional Chinese Medicine and Technology Industrial Park (GMTCM).

The event was held at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Center of the Dubai Healthcare City. The event was attended by young practitioners from Macao led by TCM experts from Macao to exchange and discuss the application and development of TCM in the city with more than 150 prominent local healthcare professionals in Dubai.

Dubai-Macao Traditional Chinese Medicine exchange ceremony 2019

The ceremony was held following the signing of the agreement between Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA), and GMTCM in September last year (2018) to exchange knowledge and expertise in order to advance the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

At the opening ceremony, four young practitioners from Macao performed the “Ba Duan Jin”, Qigong (a system of deep breathing exercises) for fitness, showcasing the culture of TCM to the attendees

Some of the highlights of the event are the discussions and exchanges with local traditional medical experts on the development of local traditional medicine.

At the said event, free consultations were held as well, showcasing the traditional Chinese medicine approach.

Langpros Interpreting at Dubai-Macao TCM Ceremony 2019

High profile events like the TCM Ceremony, put such great value and importance on language that the organizers can never compromise when it comes to their choice of language solution, as it is important for the speakers and presenters to deliver their knowledge, goals, and messages without losing fluency and conveying every bit of information. This is especially applicable in the field of medicine. Professional Interpreters are of great importance as there is little to no room for mistake and inaccuracy when it comes to the pharmaceutical and medical field.

The ceremony was organized and hosted by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA). Organizing such a high-profile event attended by local prominent healthcare professionals and experts from China requires professionalism, accuracy, and high-quality language solution. Therefore, DHCA picked Langpros as their choice of language solution provider for the entire event.

Our proven track record which shows professionalism, accuracy, above satisfactory feedbacks and years of professional experience in interpreting for high profile events from different fields, made us stand out as the best choice for DHCA to be their chosen language service provider.

Langpros provided Simultaneous Interpreting Services. Our professional simultaneous interpreter for Chinese to English and vice versa took care of interpreting for the entire event. We also provided simultaneous interpreting equipment such as 50 headsets and receivers.


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