Will the World of Work Change for Good?

Will work change after COVID-19?

Sometimes a crisis could lead to new windows of opportunity. We all heard the news about this brutal challenge against Coronavirus asking ourselves how this pandemic could influence our lives and our work.

We do not know who will win the economy. Businesses during the lockdown period started to reinvent their normal processes in rendering sales.

In this current situation, it is better to leave all our worries behind.

This is the best time to reflect and think of how your business began. If all of your hardships didn’t pay off, it is best to start from scratch and strategize. How will we win this economic battle? How will Covid-19 redefine the way we work?

The Role of Technology

Since the early weeks after the spread of the virus, people turned to technology as a saving grace. Many trends that were already in place hit a “fast forward button” like the diffusion of virtual events.

Remote working is the most efficient way to deal with the emergency and guarantee health and safety to employees all around the world.

In doing so, high speed and stable internet are a prerequisite. 5G network that was a trend before the pandemic is now becoming more important than ever.

Other trends are having an accelerated evolution and are likely to be a part of our lives for a long time. Data science, machine learning, 3D printing for medical devices, and sensors to track health information, just to name a few.

Remote Working

A consistent number of companies around the world scrambled to create remote practices and many people were not used to work remotely before the pandemic. What if this challenge can reshape the way we work in a better way?

Many studies confirm that remote working can maximize:


This emergency may be a chance for companies and businesses to bolster their flexibility options, improve technology, and redefine their operational processes.

How Can We Embrace this Change?

1.   Safe Employees and Efficient Approach

One of the best practices most businesses do today is to virus-proof their companies. Most of them do this by changing their outdated strategies. If they don’t conform to what is needed today, most probably, they’ll die.

Struggling businesses may benchmark with other organizations and find an efficient approach to redefine themselves.

At Langpros, we take good care of our team by promoting remote working, a choice we made since the foundation of the Company. Our goal is to continue operating both with our in-house and delocalized team without jeopardizing health and well-being.

2.   Battle Together with The Frontliners

Our main goals at the moment are: provide quick solutions, promote resilience, and help hospitals and clinics deal with the virus. The good thing about this is that we provide remote interpreting services so even if we cannot be on the scene, we can efficiently render our language services remotely.

This is made possible through this interface that we use to stream. It allows us to see and hear what is happening on the ground. This is done on a real-time basis making it very efficient for someone who needs the service urgently.

The platform offers a lot of advantages:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Over 50% cost cut.
  3. The availability of languages has no limit.
  4. Carbon footprint sustainability and reduction.
  5. Great chance of working with the best interpreters without the barrier of geographical location.
  6. 24/7 Technical support
  7. Quality videos with clear sound.
  8. Confidentiality and network security.


A significant number of hospitals all over the globe is struggling to take appropriate measures to ensure that adequate communication is provided to their patients.

Interpretation companies such as Langpros can offer security in dealing with the situation. In fact, the information obtained from patients is so essential to make efficient assessments and address immediate concerns.

Meeting the patient and medical practitioner needs is the goal of these interpretive services.

At Langpros, we make sure that every project is efficiently done. Using our own methodology, we do our utmost to deliver the services on time and on budget.

Langpros SmartLangPro is also available in our mobile devices via an App compatible with PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

At Langpros, We Speak Your Language.


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