The Ultimate Strategy to Increase Engagement with Subtitles

Increase engagement with subtitles

Digital marketing through social media is becoming the first choice to reach new costumers, create engagement, and spread brand awareness for companies operating on the global market.

Nowadays social media streams are crowded and standing out from the mass is no easy task. Creating written content or images is no longer enough to stop the scrolling and be noticed. The best way to capture the attention of users and followers is with video content.

Once you got the attention of the customer, then comes the engagement. What social media managers found is that the best way to create engagement is with subtitles, both mono and multilingual. Here’s a few reasons why:

Subtitles rapidly let the user know what the video is about, in a much faster way than audio voiceover. Furthermore, many social networks mute video by default, and subtitles are, together with the visuals, the elements that push the user to turn up the volume.

Subtitles can give access to video content for viewers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or with limited oral proficiency in any language.

Viewers watching video with subtitles can enjoy their content in public without reaching for headphones. Also note that most users visit social network during work hours and might not want to let their colleagues know what they are up to!

Building a Multilingual Social Media Presence

Although English on English subtitles have many uses, the best thing about subtitles is the possibility to localize social media campaigns to reach the target audience in a particular region or explore a niche of demographics that was previously ignored by your monolingual campaign.

In fact, while English is still number one on the web, its leadership has been eroded by the growing number of Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, and Indian-speaking users gaining access to the Internet.

Engaging followers in their mother tongue is key to representing your brand in a positive way. Moreover, according to Common Sense Advisory, over 70% of internet users require information in their language before purchasing items or services online.

In order to create high-quality multilingual content, it is of great importance to understand the exact demographic you will be addressing, and then find expert translators, transcreators and copywriters to convey your brand image across languages without compromising on style.

Langpros Language Services

Langpros offers high quality multilingual subtitling and localization services for companies operating globally. Our expert copywriters and translators are well aware of the challenges of digital marketing translation, and they will provide catchy content that creates engagement and spreads your company’s brand awareness.


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