The Benefits of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

The benefits of video remote interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting is the latest trend in the language industry. Using a device connected to the internet such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, VRI allows to access interpreters from all over the globe and have them translated in real-time.

This new technology offers many advantages to the client in terms of quality and cost-efficiency.


VRI has many advantages on multiple levels:

  1. Cost reduction:

Not having an interpreter on-site means to save all the expenses for travel and accommodation and tech support.

  1. No special equipment needed:

Traditional interpreting might require the installation of interpreter booths and infrared headsets with the supervision of a tech team. VRI operates on a platform available on common devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

  1. Video stream:

Traditional remote interpreting consisted of over-the-phone dialogues. This way, the interpreter misses important visual cues that can indicate more precisely the original message of the speakers (namely facial expressions).

  1. Wide choice of interpreters:

Since interpreters can work with VRI from all over the world, the service quality does not depend on the availability of nearby professionals, but rather on a vast network of linguists, also working with rare languages.

  1. No need to plan in advance:

Thanks to a 24/7 working platform, clients do not need to always book interpreters in advance and can easily tackle urgent language needs.

Situations Where VRI Makes the Difference

Video Remote Interpreting is a great ally of organizations such as hospitals, airports, courts, and hotels, which work with the public and regularly deal with unpredictable situations. The possibility to reach for an interpreter within a few seconds, without needing advance notice, guarantees immediate assistance while needed, even the last minute. For the same reasons, VRI is also a great solution for corporate and business meetings.

Langpros’ SmartLangPro App

Langpros is proud to announce the recent launch of its Video Remote Interpreting App, Smartlangpro, now available on PC, smartphone, and tablet.

The app allows to:

  1. Pre-book online audio and video remote interpreting
  2. On-demand audio and video remote interpreting
  3. Book on-site interpreting

Our platform relies on a growing network of professionals working in over 200 languages and operating 24/7.

Find out more about SmartLangPro on our dedicated page


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