Langpros Interpreting for Norgine Global Sales Conference 2019

Interpreting for norgine

Norgine, a leading European specialist pharmaceutical company, with a strong global network of partnerships, held a 4-day global sales conference in Abu Dhabi last January 2019.

The conference was comprised attended by 400 of Norgine Global Sales Representatives, Managers and Leadership Teams from all around the globe.

The pharmaceutical conference was held with the goal of motivating Norgine’s employees from all around the world to move forward and excel in the fast paced, ever changing and evolving world of medicine.

Norgine Global Sales Conference

“Accelerating change” was the theme of Norgine’s conference held in Abu Dhabi last January 21st, 22nd, 24th and 25th of 2019.

In every field and industry, change is something that is completely inevitable. Going through trends, changes in people’s preferences, needs, demands and environment calls for a change in every business’ sales and marketing strategies.

Norgine’s global vision is not only to grow their business globally, but to do so while helping healthcare professionals perform their jobs better, enabling them to positively transform their patients’ lives. All of this while adapting to the changes in and outside of the pharmaceutical industry.

This vision was portrayed in the 4-day conference as the speakers and presenters share their strategies, wisdom, and wide range experience in making a change in one’s life, beyond selling products, through leaving a real impact, a real mark.

Simultaneous Interpreting for Global Sales Conferences

This is particularly true, when the core of the event is to convey important strategies and messages, for the growth and furtherance of the company’s global vision. Most especially, when the core of the event is to convey important strategies and messages, for the growth and furtherance of one’s global vision.

For an effective global conference, especially in pharmaceutical and medical field, having a professional interpreter is nothing less than a true necessity. Through this, the proper delivery and portrayal of every speech and presentation, will not only be accurate, but comprehendible enough to leave a valuable impact on each and every attendee.

At Langpros, we select the most suitable translators and interpreters to ensure proper delivery of your message. 

English to Italian Simultaneous Interpreters, specializing in the pharmaceutical filed were selected for Norgine’s 4 days event. 

Choosing qualified interpreters with proven experience and knowledge of the industry proved crucial to ensure the proper delivery of the most technical presentation and speeches.

With topics related to the medical and pharmaceutical fields a wrong choice can easily compromise the success of the conference – as knowing the language is a prerequisite but it’s far from enough when it comes to understanding and translating the specific lexicon for a specialized audience. 

We carefully select our interpreters, knowing their strengths, previous experience and specializations and so we guarantee the most suitable professional is working on the success of your event.


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