Langpros at ACME Ophtalmology 2019

ophtalmology interpreting

When interpreting for medical and pharmaceutical events, knowledge of terminology and advanced interpreting training cannot be improvised.

This is why our clients chose Langpros for the simultaneous interpreting of ACME 2019, a specialized conference in ophthalmology (the branch of medicine studying the eye and the visual system).

Our trained linguists provided English to Russian simultaneous interpreting from the booth installed by our techs who also provided Bosch receivers and headsets to the audience.

The Event

ACME 2019 took place from the 7th to the 9th of February at the Marriot Hotel Al Jaddaf in Dubai. The event was organized by Ajanta Pharma and saw the participation of many international medical practitioners and scholars.

The course director of ACME 2019 was Dr. Quresh B Maskati, a prominent member of many Indian associations of ophthalmologists.

During the three-day event, the invited clinicians actively participated in workshops on different pathologies and treatments.

The purpose of ACME is to develop a worldwide network of practitioners and provide the participants with a distilled view on new methodologies and scientific findings.

Medical Simultaneous Interpreting

Our specialized technicians installed the interpreter’s booth and provided the audience with BOSCH wireless headsets. The signal was transmitted through the BOSCH infra-red radiators.

As medical simultaneous interpreting is a particularly demanding task, it requires two specialized interpreters, working in turns of around 20 minutes, to assure a smooth and accurate translation flow.

The trained professionals we employ not only have a firm grasp over their working languages and interpreting techniques, but they also study the field terminology before carrying out the task, to make sure even the most technical piece of information is conveyed in the target language.

If you are organizing a multilingual event, make sure to contact us to discuss the details of your project and get a free quote. We will strive to find the right solution to meet every need you might have.


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