How to Redefine Tourism in a Post-Viral World

post-covid tourism

The pandemic affected the tourism sector worldwide creating a big challenge: solvency.

No matter where you are in the world, destination marketing organizations and the hospitality industry need to adapt to the current situation in order to keep things moving.

In the past few weeks airports have been reopened, flights are slowly starting to recommence, and travel bans have been lifted. As the UAE slowly opens up not just for returning residents, but also for tourists and guests, hotels and the entire tourism industry have started preparing to welcome incoming tourists and guests from around the globe. Truly, one can say that tourism after Covid-19 is possible. How?

The  Industry

It is a widely known fact that one of the industries that have been hit the hardest by the global pandemic is the hospitality and tourism one with cancelled flights, travel bans, and individuals avoiding unnecessary travels.

After the lockdown, in many countries hotels, theme parks, and sports centres have slowly began to resume their operations.

Even though huge events and gatherings are still prohibited, some activities have already been given permission to resume, provided that they follow all the safety regulations in place to combat the spread of the virus.

Hotels Post COVID-19

Even if it’s not yet the right time for business trips or big onsite events, people are starting to plan future travels again.

Their utmost request is undoubtedly safety above all.  This is why hotels should publish safety Guidelines and protocols taken by the establishment amidst its reopening. These publications should be placed where the customers  have direct access and should also be available in different languages, to attract a larger pool of clients.

Technology will also be crucial to redefine travel in the post-COVID-19 world. Managers should focus in taking every possible action to reduce the risk of spreading the virus by implementing the latest technology in terms of booking and payment.

To help maintaining social distance and avoid gatherings in hotels lobbies, check in process and payments can be moved online together with conferences, meetings, and seminars that used to take place in the hotels.

How to Embrace the New Era

Localizing health and safety guidelines is surely a first step towards this new path.

Activities and tourism will inevitably restart, and the organizations that invested in creating safe spaces for tourist and communicating their initiatives during the lockdown, creating a strong brand awareness, will see a return on their investment.

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