GFIA in Abu Dhabi: how it will work

Abu Dhabi Hosts the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture On 23rd And 24th Nov. 2021

GFIA in Abu Dhabi

UAE is one of the most cutting-edge countries in the world, always striving to achieve the highest levels of innovation.  That’s why so many conferences and symposiums are organized throughout the year.

In this article we want to show you the relevance of GFIA, the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture.

Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture: what is it?

Many believe that UAE aims only at digitizing all its surroundings. Actually, even big cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi intend to respect and protect the environment, bringing efficient yet eco-friendly innovations.

Indeed, this is the very reason why events like GFIA are born. During such conferences, there is a strong focus on combining agriculture with innovation, proposing new eco-sustainable solutions with a single objective: feeding 9 billion people while being environmentally friendly by 2050.

After all, countries like North Africa are in desperate need of producing food in large quantities. With this in mind, the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture invites investors and large-scale producers to discover new solutions.

The key elements are to increase productivity and yield while combating parasites and harmful substances. All of this is brought together by one key element: saving primary resources and respecting the environment.

This, at the same time, will help to reduce the strong climatic variations, ensuring a better lifestyle for the entire population.

What does the event involve and how to participate?

Since this is an event within everyone’s reach and, above all, useful to the entire population, the GFIA is proposed as a free forum. The only requirement for access is to fill out the forms on the official website to book a stand.

The program will include a series of speeches and debates, with final Q&A sessions where the most interested will be able to receive explanations about certain projects for agriculture.

Specifically, the main topic will be the Mena Region Food Security Symposium, where themes regarding water scarcity and dependence on the amount of food will be discussed. These are the main reasons why the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have food supply issues.

In addition, the following will be discussed:

To get more information about the event, such as the infrastructure within which it will be held, you can contact the organizers through the official form.

The scheduled dates are November the 23rd and 24th, 2021, and it is possible to book for attending, exhibiting, speaking or sponsoring.


Events like GFIA are essential to safeguarding the fate of the planet. After all, millions of food resources that could be used to feed underdeveloped countries that can’t produce enough are wasted and thrown away every day.

Solutions such as sustainable crops and aquaculture proposed during the event could be the key to saving thousands and thousands of people.

That’s why we recommend, if interested in these issues, to attend the event by visiting the official website.

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