Cultural Flavours

Interpreters Dubai at the Speciality Food Festival

It’s a well-known fact that thanks to its wise policies and its economic, political and cultural openness, the UAE has achieved record-breaking rates of prosperity in all fields, being now at the top in terms of global competitiveness. However, do you know that due to its arid, desert climate the country must import almost 85% of its food requirement? And this percentage is likely to grow even higher in the times to come for several reasons: a steady population growth, a rising demand for imported food from foreigners living in the UAE, and the expanding tourism industry, with new restaurants and resorts mushrooming all over the country. Where does Langpros fit in this picture? Speciality Food Festival, is the answer!  

Opened on 18 September at the Dubai World Trade Center, the Speciality Food Festival is the largest F&B event in the Middle East, devoted to fine food for refined and demanding palates, a must destination for all companies in the business. And when it comes to unique food, Italian companies are always in the forefront!      

Langpros team of professional interpreters supported the 26 Italian companies taking part in the event, providing language assistance in Italian, English and Arabic, helping the Italian entrepreneurs with the promotion of the finest ingredients, products, kitchen equipment and skills. Undeniably not an easy task, but definitely an interesting challenge for our team.  As food is strictly intertwined with culture, delicious bits of information get inevitably lost when translating foodstuff, with tastes and perfumes becoming unclear to a foreign audience.

Straddling the Italian and UAE cultures, we, at Langpros, do know those tastes and perfumes and that’s why our language mediators can convey all the nuances of taste and fragrance and our translations never lack the cultural flavour they need, for them to be as appetising in the target language as they are in their source language and culture.

The UAE remains a booming business and an appealing destination, and we at Langpros will be glad to make our expertise and professionalism available to those Italian companies willing to expand their business in this flourishing country, and to support them with any linguistic and cultural challenges during their business meeting, exhibitions, corporate and private events.


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