“Fostering International Cooperation against the Smuggling of Migrants” Meeting in Dubai

How Translation Services Enable Global Communication

What happens backstage?

When we read about incredible events in the news, or when we hear about them on TV, probably one of the last things we think about is how these people all communicate together during them.

Our questions are rather distant from ones like “How do the (insert nationality) ministers and the (insert nationality) ones understand each other?” The answer to this question is exactly the one to reveal where the magic happens at these kinds of events.

While some of the people who take part in events have the privilege of being perfectly bilingual, this is not the case for many participating and oftentimes using English as a lingua franca doesn’t represent a viable option,

These are the cases in which a Language Service provider steps in. LSPs ( Language Service Providers) are those companies that can provide interpreting services for your events and enable them by bringing speakers and listeners closer to each other, bridging the language gap.

A Recent Example

This is exactly what happened at the Trans-Regional “Fostering International Cooperation against the Smuggling of Migrants” Meeting in Dubai. While this event took place in a climate of uncertainty for international politics, the topic of discussion was a very important one. 

Still today, in fact, the facilitation of irregular migration movements across borders by criminal groups remains a challenge for the international community in spite of the efforts many countries are making.

This Trans-Regional meeting was promoted and organized by UNODC as a means to help countries exchange information and cooperate on the delicate topic of migrant smuggling.

The latest success of the Dubai-based LSP, Langpros, was winning this tender from United Nations to facilitate one of their upcoming events in Dubai at the end of March 2022.

The company was selected once more to provide services alongside this important international organization and had the privilege to facilitate this meeting by providing interpreting equipment and simultaneous interpreting services from English to Arabic and Spanish, to allow speakers to fluently listen to the speeches delivered in words more familiar to them.

About Langpros 

Langpros Translations is a leading LSP in Dubai, UAE, providing translation, localization, and interpreting services in over 100 languages, and specializing in Arabic language solutions. Thanks to its experience in working with local institutional and private organizations in the last ten years, it has become one of the noteworthy LSPs in the Gulf Region and beyond.

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