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Meta Business Suite - platform

How many times have you felt the need to increase your online and offline visibility but, most of the time you were not getting good results? Well, with Meta Business Suite everything becomes easier.

It is a free tool offered by Facebook that provides you with a number of useful tools to increase your online visibility. The platform has been around for some time under the name Business Manager, but now it offers a number of additional functions that are even more efficient. 

What is Meta business Suite: differences with Business Manager

In short, Meta Business Suite and Meta Business Manager were created to enable better management of social media integrated into Meta, mainly Instagram and Facebook. 

The tools are quite similar to each other, but have some key differences. 

Meta Business Manager is a platform launched in 2014 that allows users to manage business pages, Instagram accounts, and advertising accounts directly from their personal profile. 

From Business Manager, you can also assign roles, request access to certain accounts and collaborate with other team members. In addition, you can launch Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads in order to increase your social presence.

Meta Business Suite, on the other hand, functions as a social media management tool, so you can perform the above activities on a single tab. You can also do account switching in order to manage multiple social without closing the tab. 

In short, Meta Business Suite is an enhanced version of the old Business Manager, suitable for those who perform activities on multiple social media. 

Useful functions of Meta Business Suite

With Meta Business you can save a great deal of time by taking advantage of the following features:

How to start

Using Meta Business Suite requires 3 simple steps:

  1. create a Facebook page for your business, or use one you already have
  2. log on to or download the Meta Business Suite app on iOS or Android. 
  3. connect your accounts to the platform so you can manage them.

Once done, you can start posting frequently, remembering to schedule posts and stories via Meta. Plus, it’s helpful to use cross-posting on both social media (Instagram and Facebook) to save time and not run out of ideas.

Also check out the calendar section, designed to simplify the creation of your editorial calendar. 


Meta Business Suite is as powerful a tool as it is simple to use. All you need to do is access its dashboard to have everything at your fingertips and start growing your online business. Whether you are a restaurant owner, shopkeeper, artisan or digital entrepreneur, the platform will be able to offer you everything you need.

Then again, the future of entrepreneurs is online, so it’s good to stay ahead of the curve!

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