How to keep your business safe from cyber-attacks

Tips to Ensure Your Society and Your Employees Are Using the Right Tools

Modern companies belonging to the digital era are increasingly subject to hackers and cyber-attacks, very dangerous threats that jeopardize the lives of the most promising companies. There are, in fact, many projects that fail due to a breach in the system or because of the lack of the appropriate levels of protection.

In this short guide, we will see how to protect your company from a cyber-attack.

What is a cyber-attack?

A cyber-attack is an attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or system. This can happen either within a private device or within a corporate device. By breaching a single corporate device, the hacker could gain access to the entire network, putting the whole company at risk.

Suffice it to say that in 2020 alone, the rate of cyber breaches made it clear that companies need to upgrade their protection and security systems with an increase of nearly 30% in just one year. 

Moreover, the pandemic year has further increased these numbers, as attackers have devised new methods to send dangerous Ransomware

How to secure your business from cyber attacks

There are several ways to keep your business safe from cyber-attacks. Below we will list just a few of the improvements that can be made within a company, especially when it comes to employee skills and system upgrades.

As a first step, you should learn how to detect potential cyber-attacks by relying on an accurate system that meets your needs. There are plenty of protection software vendors that you can choose from as needed.

After that, you should teach employees how to use your devices without being attacked and without falling into phishing or data theft traps. Keeping ongoing refresher courses for everyone can be very helpful in this regard. 

Try using 2FA (2 Factors Authentication) to add a new layer of security to your network. The 2FA will identify the user, preventing someone from stealing other people’s identities and sensitive data

Also, don’t forget to keep your security software up-to-date. Keep up with best practices to ensure maximum protection for your employees. 

Finally, although it may seem obvious, you should choose the right technology. Applying all the good rules without having the right tools would be an almost useless effort


Cyber security is fundamental for any society that wants to be positioned online without experiencing dangerous cyber-attacks. On the other hand, we are in an era where the use of technology is commonplace, which is why being protected can make a big difference.

Remember that in addition to protecting yourself, you should protect the accounts of all employees to keep yourself truly safe.

Here is a video from a former NSA Hacker that reveals how to protect yourself online


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