Why traditional interpreting services are coming back as a trend

A new old trend

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Making use of translation and interpretation services over the past two years has been really difficult for those who had important requests to fulfill such as an international meeting or business conference.

This is because, due to the global pandemic period that has affected all sectors, especially transportation and those related to communication, people came up with special strategies to get their jobs done.

In this regard, remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) solutions were devised, which still enabled translators to work at conferences, meetings, and gatherings on a global scale without even moving from home.

However, it seems that the traditional interpreter service is making a comeback, and in this article we will see why.

Why is traditional interpreting coming back?

As time goes by and COVID-19 cases decline on a global scale, the traditional method of translation and interpretation, i.e., the “on-site” method, is making a strong comeback.

On the other hand, translating and simultaneous interpreting remotely, no matter how advanced the tools used may be, is always more complicated than in-person translation where the interpreter can fully understand the message sent by the speaker.

In addition, the cost for the latest generation of tools that, in this period of history, have enabled interpreters to work in the best possible way is certainly higher than the cost of traditional equipment.

Again, the advantage of traditional interpreting is that the on-site interpreter can see every person in the room, interpreting non-verbal clues and communications of everyone in the room more accurately.

By the way, if the customer is not well acquainted with technology, a traditional method of interpretation is definitely better.

Below we will briefly outline what tools are used for traditional intrerpreting.

Traditional equipment for interpreting services

Basically, RSI (remote simultaneous interpreting) is performed through cloud platforms where the interpreter can hear the speaker in real-time, interpreting the speech for the rest of the audience.

All this obviously saves space caused by traditional equipment, but at the same time it can be not very easy for the untrained users. 

Traditional equipment, in fact, is much easier to use. Broadly speaking, the following tools are used.:

Best services for traditional interpretation

Dubai and the entire Middle East are the hub of international meetings and business events, which is why relying on a top-notch interpreting service can help you organize your international conferences.

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